Rich’s Big Desk I built My Big Desk about 5 years ago with 3 main aims: It had to be big enough for all my gadgets It had to allow for complete speaker isolation It had to allow for perfect stereo imaging at the operator position. To achieve all these things I came up with this: A single surface 1m deep and over 1.5m wide. Precision cut holes to allow speaker stands to pass through the surface of the desk... ...angled to create a perfect triangle. Hand crafted out of the finest quality MDF, with routed corners and double thickness edging it has been my pride and joy and the best work space I’ve ever had. Littered one day with music gear and the next with scanners and cameras. it is big enough for a keyboard, tablet, craft mat, scanner, record player, and piles of well thumbed magazines. Sadly though it is time to sell. Moving house means it is time to let go to the desk AND the speaker stands that align with the holes. This isn’t something that can be described in Loot or Gumtree so I’m hoping this will be spotted by an audio nut with a large study who knows a mate with a van. It’s only £200 INCLUDING STANDS! If you are interested then please contact me at Please forward this link on to anyone you know who might like this one off, perfect, man cave desk.